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Kickstarter ThiftyVac by Tom Cannon Home Image

UPDATE: ThriftyVac is now available on!

Kickstarter Reward ThriftyVac Unboxing

The first look at the ThriftyVac packaging.

Every once in a while, I’ll post a review of a project that I’ve backed and for which I have already received my reward. Here’s the first one! Please note, this is NOT the first project from which I have received a reward, it’s just the first one that I’ve received since officially starting this blog (;

So. ThriftyVac. What is it?

ThriftyVac is an incredible, affordable (and incredibly affordable!) device that lets anyone vacuum pack their food for a literal FRACTION OF THE COST of typical vacuum packing systems. The system costs $20 and can use *any* zip-closure bag. I also received two Mason Jar lids with vacuum check valves that allow me to vacuum pack literally anything I want.

How does vacuum packing with ThriftyVac cost so little?

If you’re familiar with vacuum packing at all, you’d know that virtually every system out there has a special machine and a special bag/container that you MUST use with that machine to make the vacuum seal. Well… let’s take a look at what was inside the ThriftyVac box that I received today:

Kickstarter Reward ThriftyVac Unboxed

The ThriftyVac device base, the pump, a one gallon zip-lock bag, and two ThriftyVac-modified Mason Jar lids. That’s all there is to it. Also pictured is a 3D-Printed adaptor for handheld electronic vacuum pumps.


That’s literally all there is to it. A bag with a frame that attaches to a pump. Also included is a 3D-Printed adaptor that lets me use my FoodSaver handheld pump! Can I get a “BONUS!?” (BONUS!) All you need in addition to this is a (smaller than the containing-) zip-sealing bag! Any bag! At all! Even if it’s the bag the food CAME IN (like shredded cheese bags!), you can use it as long as it’s got a zip seal!

So… How well does the ThriftyVac work?

Kickstarter Reward ThriftyVac vacuum packed provolone cheese 01

Vacuum packing some delicious provolone cheese with the ThriftyVac Kickstarter project by Tom Cannon.

I’m sure you can imagine my excitement upon receiving this package.. so, naturally, I got right to vacuum packing!! My first test subject? Some provolone cheese I’ve had sitting in my fridge! I grabbed the only zip-sealing bag that I had available… it’s got the actual zipper instead of just the squeeze seam, but it STILL WORKED FLAWLESSLY! I’ve found, however, that for this kind of bag, it works better if you put it in the OPPOSITE WAY that the instructions tell you to. That is, with the zipper closure pointing toward the opening of the outer bag, not up against the vacuum base.

You mentioned ThriftVac works with Mason Jars, too?

Kickstarter Reward ThriftyVac Mason Jar vacuum lid

A jar of homemade beach plum jelly, sealed in a Mason Jar with the ThriftyVac vacuum packing system! Yes, that’s the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker in the background!

That’s right, I did! Here’s a shot of a jar of homemade beach plum jelly vacuum sealed next to my Dash Greek Yogurt Maker (; This thing is so ridiculously easy to use, and it works SO well… I just really don’t know what you’re waiting for…

OH! Right, you don’t know how to get one, since the campaign is over? Well, as luck would have it, Tom decided to sell them on AMAZON.COM! Also, check out the videos on YouTube.

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