Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask

Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask

Ink Whiskey Legend of Drink

“The Legend of Drink” parody flask design from Ink Whiskey.

While browsing the “Recently Launched” section of Kickstarter, my gaze held on what appeared to be a Duck Hunt NES cartridge that looked slightly off… It was called “Drunk Hunt” and had a picture of the NES

Duck Hunt duck getting hit in the head with a beer bottle. Naturally, it had my full attention. I’ve been in contact with the project creator and participated in some discussion regarding the product and subsequent updates. I also inquired about the possibility of the “Legend of Drink” flask (pictured at right) being the same shimmery gold as the original “Legend of Zelda” NES cart. Read on for what I have to say about this endearingly nostalgic flask project.

What self-respecting geek doesn’t absolutely LOVE anything that can combine vintage gaming, alcohol, and puns?

I’ll tell you: none of them. So you best have already at least starred the Ink Whisky Concealable Entertainment Flask project to show your support! Starring a project makes sure that you’ll receive an email update around 48 hours before the campaign ends.

So, what makes this flask project so special?

In case it’s not obvious… I’m a vintage gamer. Most of the games I play regularly are games from my childhood. Games like the Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, ToeJam & Earl, etc…

Ink Whiskey Drunk Hunt

The “Drunk Hunt” parody flask design from Ink Whiskey. Check out the Kickstarter project page for more NES drinking pun label parodies.

I was practically born with an NES controller in my hand; the system was released in the US 7 months before I was born. If it were 9 months, I’d be pretty skeptical about my true father’s identity…

That being said, I also really love whiskey. And while yes, you could put any sort of liquid into a flask, I feel like a fine single malt Scotch is really the way to go…

… THAT being said… I also am widely regarded as the designated punner in my social circles. I hear more terrible joke groans from people around me than anyone else…

Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey, LLC has managed to capture three things I love most into one simple product. A punny, NES-inspired whiskey flask. I’m still blown away by this.


To top it off, this Matt Cornell guy is pretty chill.

When I first found the project, my initial reaction was, “YES! AWESOME!” But my second reaction was, “wait… the Legend of Zelda one will be on a gray cartridge… That’s just wrong!” So I commented on the project page:

Really hoping this gets funded! I love the Legend of Drink flask… will there be a special golden edition for that, to accurately represent the original LoZ cart? (: One can dream.

Matt almost immediately responded:

Hey Vincent!

We actually had a whole meeting over this question specifically. The gold edition of the Legend of Drink flask is something we are currently investigating with our manufacturers. We have a minimum order amount for product, and if changes in plastic color fall under a separate order it would become an issue.

I will definitely be investigating this possibility further, and get back to you when I know.

Thanks for being the first comment too!

Matt Cornell
Ink Whiskey

Like I said, this guy is pretty chill. I’d like to join him for a smooth single malt and talk video games, some time. He’s been really responsive to all backer comments and has posted several updates, including several updates about the special gold flasks for the “Legend of Drink” version. The reward levels for these limited edition flasks will be added on Monday at 12:01 am, so you may want to keep that tab open and constantly refresh it around that time until it shows up, though I’m sure they will send out another update about it (; But in all honesty, it sounds like these guys are putting together a really top-quality product from BPA-free plastics, custom-enginnered hidden cap mount, and waterproof vinyl labels. Get on board, now!

“Okay, I’m sold! How do I get these awesome flasks!?”

Just click right here and you will be taken to the Kickstarter page for this project. All you need is a Kickstarter account and the ability to check-out via With just three clicks, you can help this business take off and claim an Ink Whiskey NES cart flask for yourself! Don’t forget to use the social share buttons to tell your friends about it, too! You definitely know at least one person who will love this idea. I guarantee it.

Now that you’ve secured your flask, please enjoy my friend Hillary Reynolds’ song, “Whiskey in Winter.”

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