RainScarf: It Has a Secret Inside

RainScarf: It has a secret inside

As the name implies, the RainScarf is a scarf you can wear when the weather turns south. This particular Kickstarter campaign, however, is a little bit more than that.

Designed in Brooklyn, NY, the RainScarf is not just an all-weather scarf; the RainScarf is a comfortable, fashionable scarf with an all-weather lining on one side when you turn it inside-out… and it even has a hidden hood inside of it, too.

I mean come on, it’s a comfy-looking scarf with an all-weather hood built into it!

RainScarf: It has a secret inside

I’ve spoken with the project creator, André Dettler, and he’s a really nice guy. He’s into fashion and function, and this isn’t the first project he’s put together.

After speaking with André, he decided that he would use my Kickstarter history and experience and have me work for him as a consultant to make sure this Kickstarter project is as successful as it could possibly be.

Product Specs:

  • Generous 75″ length
  • Cashmere blend grey fabric (soft + warmer)
  • Cotton polyester blend pink fabric (smooth + cooler)
  • Nylon water resistant fabric shell
  • Black label w/ logo on black rain fabric side
  • New Black Pouch w Logo (check updates for details)
  • New Black Clip w Logo (check updates for details)

Why Kickstarter?

Here’s the rationale, straight from the horse’s mouth:

We need funding to help place a healthy first order with our manufacturer
The more contributors we have, the more we can lower our prices for future customers
We would like the opportunity to expand the line with styles, even for kids
After using the RainScarf in the city, the “wow” from people drives us to make it real
We believe at our price point, the RainScarf makes a great gift for this holiday season

So head on over to their Kickstarter campaign and pledge now! The project funding period closes November 8, 2013 @ 10am EST; holiday shipping is still available for domestic pledgers!

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